Cher Chevalier is world-renowned Spiritual Adviser, Co-creator of The #HANDSOFF Campaign, Founder and CEO of Animals Actually Ltd, and Author of the following 30 books: THE Hidden Secrets of a Modern Seer, The Hidden Truths of a Modern Seer, The Hidden Life of a Modern Seer, SLIM: Step Lightly In Mind, Body, Spirit, and ANIMALS ACTUALLY A - Z for children. Cher was born in the West Country in England. She endured near death experiences in childhood, after which her psychic and mystical experiences began. She has worked as a Spiritual Adviser for over 20 years and appeared on many mainstream TV shows. She has been featured in the Mail on Sunday, and numerous other publications and radio shows. Cher was hired to launch the Matt Damon/Clint Eastwood movie HEREAFTER. Cher leads a devotional life, and runs a busy private practice.