Cher Chevalier is a world-renowned Spiritual Adviser, Co-creator of The #HANDSOFF Campaign, Founder and CEO of Animals Actually Ltd, and Author of the following 31 books: INNER JOURNEY MEDITATIONS with Cher Chevalier & Liz Solari, The Hidden Secrets of a MODERN SEER, The Hidden Truths of a MODERN SEER, The Hidden Life of a MODERN SEER, SLIM: Step Lightly In Mind, Body, Spirit, and ANIMALS ACTUALLY A - Z for children. Cher was born in the West Country in England to a family that boasts four generations of vegetarians/vegans. She endured near death experiences in childhood, after which her psychic and mystical experiences began. She has worked as a Spiritual Adviser for over 20 years, appeared on many mainstream TV shows; and been featured in numerous publications and radio shows around the globe. Cher was hired to launch the Matt Damon/Clint Eastwood movie HEREAFTER. Cher leads a devotional life, and advises on spiritual films.